In September 1998, Nobel Biocare acquired the leading US dental implant company Steri-Oss, which offers a wide range of innovative surgical and prosthetic components.

Steri-Oss supplies implants with different types of surface coating and has a strong position combined with top-class expertise when it comes to implants with HA (hydroxyl apatite) coating, a substance which is designed to accelerate integration between the implant surface and the jawbone.

This has helped to give the system a powerful position among general dental practitioners, especially in the US market. The product, The Replace™ System, is a comprehensive and flexible system that also makes one-stage implant treatment possible, thereby helping to shorten treatment times for dentists and patients alike.

The one-stage option - One-stage implant surgery provides the opportunity for the patient to be restored with fewer surgeries. The elimination of a second-stage surgical procedure to uncover the implant leads to a greater patient satisfaction and acceptance of dental implant treatment.

Due to the tapered design , Replace implants are suited for immediate placement after extraction, when the doctor may decide that a one-stage procedure is the preferred treatment.

The ability to customize, although Replace Select gives a users the option of employing a one-stage technique, it also can be used in the traditional two-stage procedure. Doctors can then customize treatment on a case-by-case basis.

Replace Selects internal connection provides them with an extraordinarily secure connection. Ease of use All Replace implants are color-coded by diameter. In addition, all the corresponding Healing Screws, Healing Abutments, and prosthetic components are color-coded, as well. Prosthetic applications include abutments for single teeth, multiple units and over dentures.

The Immediate Provisional Implant is a 2.8mm cortical engaging thread, one-piece implant used to support a provisional prosthesis during the healing phase after conventional endosseous implant surgery. The narrow diameter of the provisional implant allows it to be placed between the permanent implants at the time of surgery.

Protect Graft Sites and Conventional Implants - The forces on temporary partial dentures and full dentures can harm conventional submerged implants, bone grafts or tissue grafts.The Immediate Provisional Implant System utilizes 14mm provisional implants that absorb the forces on a provisional prosthesis. This allows the underlying conventional implant or graft to heal without premature loading.

Increases Patient Acceptance - Implant therapy often requires the patient to wear a provisional restoration for an extended period of time during the healing phase.Placement of provisional implants enables the patient to wear an esthetic, stable, fixed provisional prosthesis after stage-one surgery. This can promote improved treatment acceptance of grafting and implant procedures.

Strong Design - The Immediate Provisional Implant is fabricated from titanium alloy for strength, and is designed with a bendable neck to allow for abutment parallelism.

Precise Provisional Restoration - The implant and abutment design provides predictable retention and support of the temporary prosthesis.Machined titanium copings, which become integrated into the final prosthesis, engage the tapered design of the abutment resulting in retention, stability and a precise margin fit of the temporary restoration. The provisional restoration may be fabricated chairside. Optional analogs are available if the restoration is to be fabricated on a laboratory model.

Stabilizes and Supports Provisional Prosthesis - The threads of the Immediate Provisional Implant provide initial stability and support for a provisional restoration. Used both for fully or partially edentulous patients, Immediate Provisional Implants can be placed in the mandible or maxilla.

Stabilizes Soft Tissue - The design of the implant neck prevents migration of soft tissue over the implant abutment. This results in predictable healing and accurate tissue reproduction for the temporary prosthesis whether it is fabricated chairside or on a laboratory model.

Autoclavable Surgical Instrumentation Kit - The Immediate Provisional Implant System includes an autoclavable surgical instrumentation kit that contains the tooling required for placement and retrieval of the implants.

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