We are committed to constantly providing you with the highest quality from our products and services. We will surpass our own strength, specifications and standards to meet or exceed your requirements and expectations.

For All Precious and Non Precious Metals.

-We use products that are manufactured under a Registered Quality System. You will receive a certificate for the material used in your order, attached to your invoice. The certificate contains the following information:

Used Alloy - Manufacturer - Alloy Composition.

For Our Basic Ceramic Alloy
We use Neocast By Neodontics Inc.

Neocast - C.V.S (Ni 73-76% - Cr 12-14% - Mo 5-10% - Be 1.6%)

For Precious Alloy we use Argen Corporation.

Argident High Noble (74% Gold)
Argident High Noble 60% Type III Gold)
Argilet SR+ (Semi 79%)
Argilet 49 (Semi 49)
Argenco High Purity 77
Argident Bio 89PF

For our Ceramic Department, we use the following materials and technology:

The DVA Model and Die System:

Specially designed baseplates for fast, clean and accurate pinned models.

Ultra-Pake (Opaquing Porcelain System)

No other porcelain system comes close to giving you restorations than the special effect created by crystals. Millions of multi-faceted grains catch light and scatter it into rich and natural colors throughout the body porcelain layers. While other systems make claims, only Ultra-Escent crystals create deep, luminescent rilliance--giving your restoration vitality and depth that look natural.

Ceramco II Silver (The perfect porcelain for popular metals.)

Ceramco II Silver is the non-greening porcelain that works well with the majority of metals used in restorations--including silver. But that's just part of its precious story!Numerous other advantages arise from using Ceramco II Silver porcelain. For example, excellent handling characteristics for ease of use, natural fluorescence for exceptionally lifelike esthetics, and superior thermal stability for steadfast reliability.

For our Removable Department, we use the following materials.

Lucitone 199 ( Hard to Resist!)
- One Acrylic resin that delivers what you want: Fewer Repairs - Outstanding aesthetics - Fit second to none.

Lucitone FAS-POR
- Lucitone Fas-Por resins introduce high quality and faster processing.

Luci-Sof - Soft Denture Liner
- Luci-Sof Dentuer Liner Delivers long-lasting patient comfort and long-lasting bond.

Lucitone Clear Denture Resin

- The first clear & transparent acrylic , among the strongest available today.

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